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A country of proud people...

What follows are excerpts from a journal. The Images were taken for, and property of, Scar Tissue Filmworks

Terminal 2, Dubai Airport

This terminal houses the flights to places like Iraq, Mogadishu, Somalia, and Afghanistan. The people in this terminal are all very serious. The few conversations going on were in hushed tones.

Every Caucasian here were either a contractors or military. It wasn’t hard to notice the vast number of military haircuts, Oakley shades and cargo pants. I could catch knowing looks from across the terminal between men that had seen each other in places I had probably never heard of. An odd chain-smoking journalist in a photographer’s vest was sitting in the corner furiously scrawling in a notebook.

Our contact, wore a tan suit and a black turtleneck. He used to be a journalist for Al Jezera and now owns a media production company in Kabul.

Driving though Kabul was an amazing experience. The entire landscape is grey and dusty. Few of the roads are paved and nothin…

Lessons I learned from ’07:

1. Putting the vegetarian in charge of the meat for the Christmas feast is like putting the Mormon in charge of bringing the liquor to the Bachelor Party.

2. It is possible to spend $25.00 on lunch at Taco Bell. You have to be from Scotland and have a sudden deep yearning to know the fundamental difference between a Classic and a Baja Gordita, while comparing it with all of the members of the Chalupa Family.

3. All of the items on the Taco Bell menu (with the notable exception of the unidentifiable compound that makes up the Cinnamon Twists) are made from the same 7 ingredients. They are combined into their different permutations by a sophisticated computer program and uploaded to the CHALUPANET for taste testing at the Top Secret facilities in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

3. Dry Ice is a little over a dollar a pound and can be found at a liquor store in Wheaton, MD. The urge to toss a 2 pound block of the stuff into the Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial can be a bit overwhel…