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Fireworks: The Process of Making a Music Video Part 12 The Big Finish

The last of the footage is now ingested and rendered.  The synch is working a little better, but the issue is the image itself. Some of the sequences are drifting in and out of focus. 
At first, I thought it might have been the scans from LomoLab, but, upon close inspection, the individual grains of the film were sharp, so it must have been the seating of the film in the camera. It could have had something to do with the speed of the hand cranking not allowing the film to seat itself properly. I was cranking pretty fast this whole project, though and this issue didn’t present itself until shortly after I switched camera backs. It’s an intermittent problem, so I may be wrong.
I’m relieved to have enough usable footage to finish the video, so its not a huge problem and the main vocal section with the affected footage is in the middle of the video, so I can cut around it and the fluttering focus becomes another part of the Lo-Fi aesthetic. After talking with Kyle about it, he was in fav…