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Between Dreams and Wakefulness...

There is a small window of time between dreaming and wakefulness when anything can happen. The day before you is pure, untainted and full of possibilities. The worries of the previous days have not yet fallen upon you.
It is a state of bliss.
When I was young I believed that during this magical time, I could wish myself to wake anywhere.
I often wished to wake up in the small bedroom of my Grandmother’s house, the Burnt Umber curtains casting a warm glow in the morning light, giving me the hope that all could be right with the world.
Every once in a great while, I’d open my eyes and actually be there in my Grandmother’s house. The sense of relief and accomplishment was immeasurable. I would smile the biggest smile I could and close my eyes, hoping I could wake up there all over again.
Sometimes it was a dream, but sometimes it was reality.
As I got older, this magical ability seemed to move to the area just outside my vision and perception, fading into a haze of impossibility.

That magic…