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Seeds: The process of making a music video Part 2...

I really enjoyed working with Kyle on his last album. The Echo Bloom project, Jamboree was one of the most fulfilling creative endeavours I’ve ever undertaken. Kyle is a great collaborator and at the same time willing to let me make creative leaps in my art to create amazing images. I’m excited to be able to shoot the first music video from his new album BLUE. The song is called Seeds. It’s about a couples’ longing to be together after death. It’s haunting and beautiful.

The original idea was using marionettes to act out the story of a man asking his wife to fill his pockets with seeds on the event of his death and bury him in the forest so that he would become one with the tree that will grow from him. He tells his wife to do the same, when her life comes to an end.

I planned to have Kyle come to the Isle of Bute to shoot the film. The stunning natural and dramatic settings would create the perfect backdrop.

Using a local puppeteer to make and use the marionettes was a natural fit. (This idea still fascinates me and I’ve come up with another Marionette Video for the single Cedar Beach.)

Kyle was initially behind the idea. We were set to create an eerie, moody puppet movie with minimal movement by the puppets. Using mainly emotive reactions (to avoid the piece looking like Team America), we could take advantage the LomoKino's 6fps-ish frame rate.

After a week of going back and forth about the story, logistics and cost of a puppet shoot, we changed the idea to a more abstract performance based idea.