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Fireworks: The Process of Making a Music Video... Part 9

Day 4:

Shot 30 rolls of Portra 160. Today.

A bit cold, a bit windy and a bit awesome! We began the day at a rocky outcrop overlooking Scalpsie Bay. This particular vocal piece was the crest of the song. The shot started low and progressed up the hill, past Kyle to the wide vista behind him.

Lesley-Anne set up her "office" with the computer, speakers and camera log a short ways down the hill. She's been great, pulling triple-duty as Production Coordinator, 2nd Assistant Camera and Chauffeur.  She's been indispensable. This shoot wouldn't have been possible without her.

Kyle was a trooper, barefoot for the first 2/3 of the morning, freezing and covered in fluttering feathers. He pulled it off brilliantly.  

As he and Lesley-Anne packed up our kit,  I cranked out a few more wide shots for the open.

We warmed back up in the car on the way to The Musiker CafĂ©’.  By the end of lunch Kyle was able to feel his toes again.

After lunch we went back to Scalpsie. The seldom seen strange burning orb in the sky had decided come out. It was getting warmer and it looked like a completely different location.  I'm constantly amazed by the ever changing weather here. We can have all four seasons in one day. It makes shooting a bit of a challenge, but at least it's never boring.

We went to the gully nearby to where we had shot in the morning. Kyle was in costume and walking through a cut in the hillside. I shot the first bit through a knurled tree, cranking very slowly as he also walked very slowly. Next shot was the same setup, cranking much faster. (I’ll blend the two together in post.) I also caught a lower angle of the same as Kyle passed the camera. Next up was an extreme low angle of his walking bare feet. 

We also captured another shot looking up through trees to open sky. I used the +10 diopter this time to really mess with the focus. The sun poked through and would occasionally blow out the scene completely. I can’t wait to see how much of that the film can take.

We walked down to the beach to grab a wide shot of the amazing panorama there. The textured sand and calmly lapping waves, combined with the blue sky and the amazing snowcapped mountains in the distance made for a great addition to the opening sequence. I also grabbed a shot of Kyle walking through this scene both forward and backwards. (I’ll reverse the backward shot in post and blend the two together.)

Since I had 1 more roll of Portra 160 in my pouch, we did a shot of Kyle’s feet in the sand with the water lapping over them. The sun shimmered on the water at 3, maybe 4 stops over key. It’s going to be beautiful.

We declared victory on the day and went home early.

Film count feels comfortable heading into the end of the shoot. 46 rolls of Portra 400 and 5 rolls of Portra 160 remain.

Tomorrow is the trek to The Lighthouse.